HyBird on Oil and Gas Startups

In this episode, Ahmed Hadid, co-founder of HyBird, joins to discuss building reality-based digital twins of complex industrial facilities like oil terminals, refineries, and nuclear power plants. HyBird uses technologies like laser scanning, video, and photogrammetry to capture ultra-realistic 3D models of assets. These models can then be used for operations, maintenance, inspection, work planning, and more.

Key topics covered:
  • The origin story of HyBird and how Ahmed met his co-founder Mo at university
  • Pivoting from visual inspection to a full maintenance management solution
  • Integrating with existing EAM/CMMS systems vs trying to rip and replace
  • Participating in the Techstars Space program in LA and key lessons learned
  • Navigating the early days of COVID and running extremely lean as an enterprise startup
  • Finding product-market fit through hands-on founder-led sales
  • Building a startup focused on complex industrial enterprises
  • Hiring the right people who can thrive in an early-stage environment
  • Thoughts on raising capital and finding investors who will roll up their sleeves
Learn more about HyBird: https://www.hybirdtech.com/
HyBird on Oil and Gas Startups