Novus Consulting on Oil and Gas Startups

In this episode, we sit down with Kate Stevenson, a leading figure at Novus Consulting, to explore the transformative role of data management and technology in the energy sector. With a rich background that spans from Accenture to Chesapeake and beyond, Kate brings a wealth of experience and insights into solving the industry's most pressing challenges through innovative data strategies and technology solutions.

This episode dives into:

The mission and services of Novus Consulting, focusing on data management technology consulting for the energy sector, including strategy development, technology implementation, and data integration.

Kate Stevenson's journey through the energy industry, highlighting her transition from Accenture to pivotal roles at Chesapeake and SandRidge, and her deep-rooted connection to the oil and gas legacy.

The persistent challenge of data management in the energy sector, emphasizing the critical need for clean, well-organized data as the foundation for advanced analytics, AI, and operational efficiency.

The impact of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) on data integrity and the strategies employed by Novus Consulting to ensure seamless data integration and cleanliness during these transitions.

The evolving landscape of field operations technology, with a focus on automating work orders and optimizing lease operator workflows through advanced data-driven solutions.

The potential and challenges of applying AI and machine learning in the energy sector, including the importance of data architecture and the need for industry-specific contextualization.

The trend towards outsourcing IT functions and the shift towards SaaS platforms, reflecting on how these changes affect data management and technology adoption in energy companies.

The exciting opportunities and projects within the midstream sector, showcasing how standardized processes and shared services can lead to operational efficiencies and cost savings.

The conversation around Bitcoin mining within the energy sector, touching on the intersections between energy management, regulatory changes, and the emerging opportunities for synergy between oil and gas operations and cryptocurrency mining.

Join us as Kate Stevenson shares her expert perspective on the critical role of data and technology in driving the future of the energy industry, from operational excellence to innovative solutions that bridge traditional energy and emerging digital assets.

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Novus Consulting on Oil and Gas Startups