Clearing the Air: How Envana is Transforming Emissions Management in Oil & Gas

In this episode, we sit down with Philip and Roxanne from Envana, a digital software solution for emissions management, to discuss how their SAS company, incubated at Halliburton, is helping the oil and gas industry navigate the complex world of emissions management and regulatory compliance.

This episode dives into:
Introduction to Envana: Understanding the genesis of Envana as a startup within Halliburton, focusing on digital solutions for emissions management in the oil and gas sector.

Roxanne's Background and Role: Exploring Roxanne's journey from mechanical engineering to becoming the Director of Stewardship and Sustainability at Halliburton, and her involvement in the development of Envana.

Challenges in Emissions Management: Discussing the difficulties in accurately quantifying and reporting emissions in the oil and gas industry, and how Envana addresses these challenges.

Regulatory Changes and Industry Impact: Analyzing the implications of new regulations like the Inflation Reduction Act, Quad B, Quad C, and EPA reporting Subpart W on the oil and gas industry.

Modularity and Adaptability of Envana: Highlighting the modular design of Envana's software, which allows it to adapt to various regulatory and voluntary environmental initiatives globally.

Data Integration and Analysis: Exploring how Envana integrates with existing sensors and data sources to provide comprehensive emissions data and scenario modeling for better decision-making.

User Experience and Interface: Discussing who the end-users of Envana are, ranging from sustainability teams to management and operations, and how they interact with the platform.

Scenario Modeling and Business Impact: Delving into how Envana helps companies model different scenarios for emissions reduction and understand the financial implications of regulatory compliance.

Future Expansion and Potential: Considering the potential for Envana to expand beyond the oil and gas industry and adapt to a broader range of environmental management needs.

This conversation provides an in-depth look at how Envana is revolutionizing emissions management in the oil and gas industry, offering innovative solutions to meet the growing demands of environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.
Clearing the Air: How Envana is Transforming Emissions Management in Oil & Gas